Kiwi for beauty

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”- Khalil Gibran

Why kiwi? Because my grandmother got a lot of kiwis and makes me eat it every day , because she was so persistent in making me eat it, and it was because of her persistence that I decided to seek more information about the kiwi.

This little fruit that makes me cringe every time before I bite it is a vitamin bomb.
I’ve never considered putting a kiwi in a face mask before, but here with the help of my grandmother, I found a great recipe.

Let’s talk about kiwi:

  • contains vitamin C and powerful antioxidant 
  • kiwi is full of dietary fiber
  • contain omega 3 fatty acids
  • one kiwi fruit contains just 34 calories

Kiwi and Yogurt

  1. ripe kiwi
  2. 1 tbsp of yogurt

How to use:

  • mash the kiwi
  •  add yogurt

Apply it on the face and neck and after 30 minutes rinse with lukewarm water.


This is a great way to use kiwi if you don’t like to eat it. Maybe you’re just like me, so you’re not a fan of this incredible fruit.
Although it is very healthy and contains more vitamin C than an orange, I will still use it as a face mask.

P.s. you can make an excellent smoothie with frozen banana and fresh kiwi, and this is the only way I can consume this fruit. I even add honey to sweeten the day.

A little warning -please, if you are allergic to kiwi, do not use this mask or consume kiwi.

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